How do armadillos have babies?

Baby armadillos develop inside of the mother for around two to five months. When it is time to birth the child or children, they are birthed into a burrow in the ground . These burrows can be as wide as fifteen feet. Female armadillos can give birth to up to twelve children or pups in one sitting.

One of the more amazing armadillo facts is that nine-banded armadillos always have quadruplets – four babies at a time, all of the same sex. Remarkable in every way, the armadillo is the only mammal with a shell. It has plates of bone covered with leathery skin across its back and tail, and bony armor scales on the head and face.

A common query we ran across in our research was “How do baby armadillos raise their young?”.

The answer was mothers dig burrows to raise their young, with locations chosen carefully to keep the pups well protected . A baby armadillo will nurse for about two months and remain with their mother for a few months after that. Just like adults, baby armadillos will use their shovel-like snouts and sharp claws to dig, which is aggravating to property owners.

Yes, baby armadillos do nurse . As said in the previous sections, baby armadillos are born blind and are virtually helpless. The babies are dependent on their mothers for survival for at least the first two months after birth.

How fast do baby armadillos mature?

Baby armadillos mature very fast . Within four months, pups are weaned. Within the period of a year, the pups are fully mature and have the capacity to create their own offspring. Armadillos in general can live for up to thirty years. The median life expectancy for an armadillo is about half that amount of time (sixteen years).

How long does it take for an armadillo to reproduce?

Reproduction: Reproduction for the nine-banded armadillo begins in early summer, and the breeding period lasts about 2-3 months. It takes up to 4 months for a fertilized egg to become implanted and another 4 before young are born.

Do all armadillos have the same placenta?

For more on armadillo anatomy, see the About Armadillos page. Nine-banded armadillos always give birth to four identical young — the only mammal known to do so. All four young develop from the same egg — and they even share the same placenta. For more on this, see the Nine-banded Armadillo page.

How many puppies do armadillos have?

Nine-banded armadillos have been known to birth four identical pups (all of the same gender) in every single litter born. If that doesn’t catch your attention, baby armadillos can have between eight and fifteen identical pups in one sitting. Baby armadillos mature very fast. Within four months, pups are weaned.