How can you get rid of armadillos?

How to Get Rid of Armadillos

Restrict their food supply . Want to get rid of an armadillo in your yard? Attack its food supply. If armadillos have nothing to eat, they’ll likely forage elsewhere., and in-ground fencing. In-ground fences might seem like an effective solution, but if the fence doesn’t go deep enough, armadillos will burrow right underneath and into your yard ., and electric fencing. An electrical fence can keep armadillos out of your midst and off your grass, but don’t go this route in areas where children or pets play. Remove their hiding places. Armadillos like to create burrows in areas that have a protective cover. Removing brush, rock piles, and tall grass will sometimes discourage armadillos from digging. Live trapping and baiting. Baiting is an effective solution for controlling armadillos invading your yard .

How to get rid of armadillos in your yard?

Once you have pinpointed the exact locations where the armadillo is active in your yard, it is time to start treatment . Here are some highly effective and humane methods to control this pest. Setting up a live armadillo trap is one of the best options to protect your property from these critters.

How to get rid of armadillos with garlic?

So getting rid of armadillos with garlic may be inefficient . Another common solution to armadillo control is cayenne pepper. Capsaicin, a naturally occurring ingredient in cayenne pepper, can cause irritation upon ingestion. Unlike humans, animals absorb capsaicin in their stomach, which can cause severe inflammation.

What to do if you find an armadillo?

You can relocate it to a forested environment. Relocate armadillo at least six miles away from your yard. When releasing the animal allow it to calmly exit. How to easily trap armadillos? To make trapping successful, use baits .

How do you bait and trap an armadillo?

For example, set traps near the entrance of an active burrow or alongside fencing barriers where armadillos have a habit of traveling. Pro tip: Wooden boards can help funnel any armadillos moving alongside barriers right into the traps. Homeowners who wish to bait and trap their armadillos will need to remain vigilant and monitor the traps.

One way to think about this is let’s learn how to catch an armadillo humanely . To get rid of your armadillo you will need a metal cage trap of about 30 inches in length and at least 12 inches high. To trap the animal successfully, you must first establish the time of the day or night that the pest comes out of its burrow.

Here is what we discovered. avoid placing the trap in the middle of the room or yard unless you’ve seen the armadillo there often. Some people decide to bait armadillo traps with earthworms . However, it’s best not to bait traps since armadillos naturally burrow and dig to get their food and rarely eat things they find on the ground.

Does vinegar stop armadillos from Borrowing Your Yard?

Yes, strong scented, eye-stinging scents like those of vinegar, ammonia, or good old pine cleaner can stop armadillos in their tracks, driving them from their borrows and your yard. Rumor has it these roly-poly creatures are offended by the smell of pine needles or pine bark. You might try switching to one of these as mulch for your garden beds.