Why is the pangolin at risk of extinction?

The scaly-foot snail, also known as a sea pangolin, has been listed as endangered in the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species. The snail, which lives on hydrothermal vents on ridges deep in the Indian Ocean, is the first species to be at risk from deep sea mining, according to the researchers.

One answer is that pangolin scales have been used in Traditional Asian Medicines for centuries but today the demand for pangolin products is driving these creatures to extinction. Image taken by TRAFFIC.

This of course begs the query “Why are pangolins not kept in captivity?”

Pangolins are extremely difficult to maintain in captivity, and most die within a short period after capture. Conservation efforts must emphasize stopping the removal of pangolins from the wild.

So, what happens to pangolins when they are lost?

One source argued that loss of pangolins could prove to be an ecological and economic disaster for local communities as pangolins eat termites being insectivores that might otherwise destroy crops and buildings. Pangolins also suffer abuses in the wildlife trade, such as force-feeding and injuries from snares. A few lucky pangolins survive being trafficked.

To protect pangolins, WWF and our partner Arnold Worldwide—are working to help Lin achieve his mission and save the pangolins—and we need your help. Pangolins are the most trafficked mammals in the world.

One of the next things we wondered was; what are the solutions to the pangolin crisis?

Here is what my research found. lisa and her team at the Tikki Hywood Trust address each one. They also work with wildlife conservationists around the globe to do the same. Pangolins are stolen from the bush in Africa and smuggled to Asia. Along the route a fortunate few are rescued.

How many Pangolins are endangered?

All eight species of pangolins are threatened with extinction. More than 1 million pangolins have been trafficked in the last decade. Their scales are used in traditional Asian medicines and their meat is considered a luxury food throughout Asia. Learn about our work to save them.

Moreover, how much area can a pangolin protect from termites?

This is what I ran into. thanks to their big appetite, one pangolin can protect an area as large as 31 football fields (41 acres) from termite destruction. A pangolin’s scales weigh approximately 20 percent of its total mass.

If you’ve never heard of the pangolin, you’re not alone. This shy creature, as big as your cat or dog, is the world’s most trafficked mammal — with more than one million pangolins poached in the past decade. Learn more about the pangolin, why all eight pangolin species are at risk of extinction, and the conservation efforts needed to save them.

This is what our research found. more than 26 tons (23 tonnes) of pangolin scales belonging to around 38,000 of the endangered mammals have been seized over the past week. The scales, which were found in shipping containers, have been linked to four species of pangolins native to Africa.

Why donate to save pangolins?

Your donations support the most effective pangolin conservation projects in Africa and Asia. We have partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Network, a top-rated non-profit organization, which sends 100% of donations directly to Save Pangolins.

What to do if you see a pangolin being sold?

Contact your local authorities or conservation groups who will be able to offer advice. This will ensure that trafficking laws can be properly enforced and endangered populations are guarded.