Why are pangolins hunted?

Pangolins are being hunted because when the scales are believed to cure rheumatism, wound infections, skin disorders, coronary heart disease, arthritis, and even cancer. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove the above. People also hunt pangolins because people think that pangolin flesh is a delicacy.

Why do people hunt pangolins?

The hunters use axes to cut the tree, but failing to remove the desperate animal, they light a fire to smoke her out. As the pangolin starts to suffocate and lose consciousness, it makes a bolt for freedom but is captured, bagged and taken to a hut where the next stage of the ordeal takes place.

They found that nearly 95% of the surveyed hunters hunted at least one pangolin in the last 12 months, 27% reported having killed pangolins at least once in a month, and about 6% said they had hunted once a week. However, why do these rural tribesmen target pangolins?

Why are pangolins the most trafficked animal?

It’s because of these unique scales that the pangolin is exploited and considered the most trafficked animal in the world. Like tigers for their bones and rhinos for their horns, pangolins are poached, traded, and killed for their scales and flesh.

Why are pangolins so prized in China?

1: Why are pangolins so prized in China? Pangolins are the most trafficked mammal in the world, in large part due to demand from Chinese consumers.

How can we protect pangolins?

The steps outlined in the action plan involve protecting pangolin strongholds in Asia and Africa, and developing a price index to track the demand of pangolin meat and scales on the market.

Pangolins, a group of unique African and Asian scaly mammals, are considered to be one of the most heavily trafficked wild mammals in the world. They are hunted and traded for their meat, scales, and other body parts, and used as traditional medicines in parts of Africa and Asia.

Why are we killing pangolins for meat?

Pangolins—who, when left in peace in their natural habitat, prefer to keep to themselves—are also hunted and killed for meat.

Our chosen answer was so the trend is slowly fading. It has improved a lot in China – fewer people are eating pangolins. Marcy: Under China’s Wild Animal Protection Law enacted in 1988, pangolins are listed as class two endangered wildlife, which means that Chinese law prohibits the hunting, selling and buying of pangolins for cooking and food consumption.