What do addax antelope eat?

The addax mainly eats grasses and leaves of any available shrubs, leguminous herbs and bushes. They are well-adapted to exist in their desert habitat, as they can live without water for long periods of time. Addax form herds of five to 20 members, consisting of both males and females. They are led by the oldest female.

Are Addax antelopes herbivores?

Addax antelopes are herbivores. This means they eat plants. Addaxes mostly eat desert grasses, bushes, and herbs. Beside this, what does an antelope eat?

Then, what do addax eat in the desert?

You see, the addax are herbivores and their diet consists of desert succulents, leaves, Aristida grasses, herbs, perennials and small bushes (if available). They also feed up on Parnicum grass whereby they will only eat the inner shoots and seeds and disregard the dry, outer leaves.

Antelope are herbivores, with an odd exception: some duiker species have been known to kill and eat insects, small mammals, and birds. Otherwise, antelope tend to browse on bushes and smaller trees or graze on grass. How do Addax get their food?