Google doodle valentine’s day pangolins?

Google released the series of Doodle, called “ Pangolin Love,” in association with the WWF , which has set up a dedicated web page to highlight efforts to conserve the scaly mammal.

G oogle has created a series of Valentine’s Day–themed Doodles as Feb. 14 gets closer, but love isn’t the only thing adorning the search giant’s front page these past few days. The Doodles for Feb. 11, 12 and 13 — all of which turn into an interactive game upon clicking — feature a pangolin looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for its mate.

How do I access the Google Doodle series pangolin love?

Pangolin Love can be accessed through the Google homepage where you may have encountered many other thoughtful Google doodle series (such as the recently concluded Lunar New Year dinner party, or the Holidays 2016 series).

One source argued that It took about a year to develop and involved a six-person team of animators and engineers. The doodle stars two lovestruck pangolins, scaly mammals native to Asia and Africa that look like a cross between armadillos and anteaters. Google notes in the game that pangolins are the most poached and trafficked mammals in the world.

What do you give a pangolin for Valentine’s Day?

Upon clicking each Doodle, Google users will be led to a game, where a love-struck pangolin must collect different elements to make the perfect Valentine’s gift to its love — cocoa beans on the first day, musical notes on the second, and ribbons for lanterns on the third.

I learned pangolin is greeted with the perfect Valentine , straight from the heart. The two roll out on an adventure with the greatest gift of all – each other In the end, the Pangolins learn that love isn’t about the perfect bouquet, dessert, song, or dance.

What is the meaning of the game pangolin love?

Pangolin Love just partially cashes in on Valentine’s Day by raising awareness of the plight of pangolins, and by the end of the game also teaching you a crucial message about love: that every moment counts if your species is barreling towards extinction . So, cheer up! It’s not like you’re getting trafficked by the millions as a cure for acne!

The most common answer is, the 2017 Valentine’s Google Doodle ”Pangolin Love“ highlights the little-known pangolin, the world’s only truly scaly mammal . Learn more about them and WWF’s conservation efforts below. Play the Doodle!

Another thing we wanted the answer to was: is the pangolin in love with Ghana?

Our answer is On a sunny morning in Ghana, the ingredients for pangolin love are falling into place . Don’t let its hard outer scales fool you: inside, our friend Pangolin is a big softie, pining over a long-distance romance. Now, the letter this pangolin’s been waiting for has arrived!