Can I have an anteater as a pet?

There are different species of anteaters that you can choose to keep as pets . The silky or pygmy anteaters are very small in size; the tamandua anteaters are medium-sized; and the giant anteaters, as the name suggests, are the largest species!

One source proposed unlike cats and dogs, anteaters aren’t “common pets”, they are exotic , and if you happen to have the giant anteater, then you need to be more cautious because it is a threatened species.

This is what our research found. before you ask: no. You can’t have a silky anteater. First of all, they’re incredibly secretive-so secretive that scientists know almost nothing about them. They can’t even get a decent head count. Second, silky anteaters need to live in the wild.

Are anteaters an endangered species?

Giant anteaters are listed among the ‘endangered’ species in the world. Their habitat is being destroyed by our kind continuously, which arises the need to work on some damage control. There are many people who are willing to take the initiative in order to conserve these creatures; many also keep them as pets.

How many species of anteater are there?

There are four species of this exotic animal. The Giant Anteater is the one you’ll most likely see in zoos but not on the pet circuit because of its conservation status. Ones that you may find sold as pets include the Silky Anteater, Southern Tamandua, and Northern Tamandua.

How much does it cost to buy an anteater?

Ranging in cost between $3,500 and $8,000 , a pet anteater is suitable only for those with a robust budget. And building an enclosure and long-term care can almost double your purchase amount.

Are Lesser anteaters social?

Lesser anteaters are not social ; they prefer to live alone, away from other anteaters and pets. For this reason, most pet owners purchase young, hand-raised baby anteaters, whose parents have adapted to humans.