Can I have a pet armadillo?

Armadillos are wild animals , and their status varies from state to state. If your state allows you to own one, and if you’re prepared to make your home fit for a burrowing, insect-eating, eight-acre roaming, nocturnal armadillo, be sure to follow all of the local rules for keeping exotic pets .

So, can I have an armadillo as a pet?

Our chosen answer is one of the few ways to keep an armadillo as a pet is to be someone who holds an Animal Breeding License, but obtaining one is difficult . Most are professional animal breeders with significant resources. Finally, the armadillo is a wild animal.

An armadillo really must be kept in a large outdoor enclosure with both sun and shade as well as soft ground for burrowing. A small wading pool is a nice addition as well. This arrangement can work in warm environments; if you live in a colder climate , you will have to bring your pet indoors for the winter.

One way to consider this is some areas see armadillos as being an invasive species, often not having many natural predators. Certain states and regions will ban the trade and keeping of armadillos due to the risk they place on the local ecosystem .

One way to consider this is The armadillo lizard is considered a good choice for beginners because of their docile temperament. Taming them when they are young can also make them willing to be held though they’re not as “cuddly” as some other pet lizards like the bearded dragon. Can you own an armadillo girdled lizard?

What do armadillos need to survive?

Like any pet, armadillos also need constant access to fresh, clean, and clear, non-chlorinated water . Three-banded armadillos have a long, sticky tongue to help them catch their favorite food—insects. Armadillos have a slow metabolism so some people worry that their pets aren’t eating enough; most likely the animal has a normal appetite.

One of the next things we asked ourselves was do armadillos smell?

You see, armadillos also have a musky smell that some people dislike. Although they have been kept as pets in the past, the reviews are mixed — some people like them, others find the odor and habits of the animal to be unpleasant. In some parts of South America, they are kept as pets — pets which are occasionally eaten.

Can armadillos roll up into a ball?

Only one species, the three-banded armadillo, is capable of rolling itself completely into a ball. Armadillos are not pets for pet owners who are not used to or unwilling to adapt to the specialized needs of zoological non-domesticated animals.

How much do baby armadillos cost?

Expect to pay $2,000 to $3,000 for a bred and hand-tamed, baby armadillo. If you do decide that you want an armadillo as a pet, check your local laws first. Armadillos are wild animals, and their status varies from state to state.